Sportea with Green Tea, Vitamin C, Electrolytes & Siberian Eleuthero Root, 1.4 oz


Category: Grocery

  • 0 CALORIE/DIET DRINK - CitrusSweet zest, NO Calories/Sugar/Artificial Flavors, Decaf equiv, NON GMO, Gluten Free, KETO, Paleo and Vegan. SPORTea, perfect for any diet at any age
  • 100% NATURAL ENERGY TEA - NO Crash, NO Jitters! Your body will run more efficiently delivering long lasting, sustained energy. No negative attributes!
  • ALTERNATIVE BEVERAGE - SPORTea, perfect coffee or sugary energy drink substitute.
  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCING AT WORK - Google serves SPORTea to help employees fight fatigue and increase mental alertnes
  • ENDURANCE BUILDER FOR ATHLETES - Designed for peak performance. Daily training beverage for 2018 World Ultraman Champion Rob Gray as his ‘sport tea’
  • NUTRITIOUS - The Ultimate Daily Beverage! ; The healthy tea
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTING - Vitamin, Mineral, Antioxidant rich with Green Tea and Yerba Mate