LoboJack 3 Arms Sprinkler, 32 Ft


  • Automatic Garden Sprinkler: The 360-degree automatic garden sprinkler is the perfect sprinkler for your garden or lawn. The sprinkler contains multiple rotaries for different spray making it more convenient and reach a way to fir more of your needs.
  • Rotates 360 Degree: A practical way to distribute water evenly, this sprinkler's three-armed facility provides an organised and convenient way to keep your plants hydrated. It rotates at 360 degrees, spraying as it spins to water each section of the yard in right amounts.
  • Quiet and Soothing Sound: It is notably quiet and makes a soothing sound while it sprays. The sprinkler's ease of functionality makes it an ideal solution to meet your gardening needs. It's the perfect sprinkler for irrigation, agricultural land, garden, trees or for kids to play in the summer and more.